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2016 DL Football Eliminator Challenge is Open! Winner Takes Home a Phone of Choice

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2016 DL Football Eliminator Challenge is Open! Winner Takes Home a Phone of Choice

Wow, that snuck up on us fast, didn’t it? The 2016 NFL season is upon us in simply two days! And with that, the DL Football Eliminator Challenge is now open for the 2016 season! For the sixth yr in a row, our winner will stroll away with a phone of their selection. 

For the ones new to NFL eliminator demanding situations, they paintings like this. At completely 0 value to you, you pick out one winner each and every week right through the season out of all of the video games being performed. In case your workforce wins, you progress directly to the following week. Simply take into account that you'll be able to most effective make a selection a workforce one time according to season, so there is some technique concerned. With that stated, not at all are those demanding situations as intense as myth soccer or weekly pick out’em demanding situations. This is the most simple shape of an NFL problem you'll be able to take part in. All it's a must to do each and every week is take note to pick out a unmarried winner.

New this yr, the ESPN Myth App (and sure, we use ESPN’s Eliminator Challenge) will help you pick out your workforce each and every week. It in reality simply turns out like they're opening the fable web site inside the app, so the setup is lovely crappy, however whats up, it’s one thing. You'll be able to obtain it here.

The season kicks off this Thursday (sure, in 2 days), so it would be best to sign-up now. We will be able to check out our absolute best to remind you all through the following couple of days to sign-up, although.

There is no value to you, but you'll be able to win a phone of selection. In a position to sign-up?

Sign up for the crowd:  Droid Life Eliminator
Password:  droidlife

Easy regulations for the ones new to eliminator demanding situations:

  1. Sign up for the league up above.  Create an access for your self.  Get in a position to pick out winners.
  2. Since this is an eliminator problem, you handiest have to pick out 1 winner each and every week.
  3. Bear in mind despite the fact that, that you simply most effective get to make use of a group one time and can not pick out them to win once more.
  4. If you select as it should be each and every week, you still advance.
  5. If you select incorrectly, you're probably out. Nonetheless, proceed choosing although, as we would possibly not have somebody end the season best.
  6. If that didn’t make sense, take a look at the total “The right way to Play” regulations here.
  7. If we run into a tiebreaker, we will be able to come to a decision a winner according to these rules. That’s proper, we move with ESPN’s regulations they usually decide the winner.


As soon as once more, we're freely giving a phone to the winner, best this time we have now upped the worth to $700. As soon as week 17 wraps and the winner is picked via ESPN, we’ll use a collection of touch issues to make sure the winner by means of e mail. The winner will first be contacted at the ESPN Eliminator web page. Then, it’s as much as them to make a choice a phone.

Winner’s prize will best be purchased and shipped with the United States.


We’ll attempt to remind other people to make their choices each and every week, however can not ensure that we’ll take note.  If we do although, it is going to be on Twitter, so you'll want to follow us there. Week 1 begins this Thursday, with the primary recreation between the Panthers and Broncos on September 8.

Just right good fortune!


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